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Want to have a hassle free holiday without wanting to spend your holiday time in arranging your Tours and Excursions?  More to this, if you try and make all your arrangements once you reach your destination you may be rushed in to doing something that is not quite right for you. Our advice - Relax and enjoy your vacation.

 Holiday Letting Malta is the ideal option.  Offering various excursions, Sightseeing and Cultural Tours, Boat Trips including Gozo and Comino, surely it has everything that suits everyone's interests and needs.  

Our friendly staff will help you to do all your holiday research and make the arrangements from the comfort of your own home. Of course when you visit Malta you want to visit all the must-see-sites; the problem is so does everyone else! This means your precious time can be wasted waiting in queues. 

You do not need to pay online.  Reserve your dates on your particular excursion, let us know from where we pick you up, fill up the enquiry form and leave everything to us.  We will email you back with availability and best possible prices. 

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New Properties

Bayside Studio Penthouse with Hot tub
Bayside Studio Penthouse with Hot tub- ID 206

City views, wifi, hot tub, kitchenette, outdoor dining furniture and BBQ ...

Bayside Studios - Orange 3
Bayside Studios - Orange 3- ID 217

Studio with small courtyard, kitchenette, wifi and close to all locals nearby. ...